If you are searching for the best masonry estimating services, World estimating is at your service. With years of diversified experience in the estimation industry, we have excelled in delivering timely and most accurate estimates in the East haven


With practical knowledge and years of experience in the AEC industry, we have aced in preparing timely and accurate estimates for masonry works to the respective clients i.e. general contractors, masonry contractors, masonry repair contractors, vendors, masons, developers, architects, designers, home builders.

  • Masonry Quantity Takeoffs
  • Design Estimates
  • Budget Estimates
  • Bid Estimates
  • Bid Submittal Preparation
  • Proposal Preparation & Pricing
  • Expert Witness
  • Masonry Restoration Estimates
  • Change Order Estimates
  • Masonry Consulting
  • Masonry Contractor Marketing
  • Project Lead Generation
  • Value Engineering
  • Masonry Brick Wall 3D Designing Services


For the preparation of masonry estimate, drawing plans and specifications provided by the client are thoroughly reviewed with respect to the plan, elevation, and section views to define the scope of work.Masonry takeoff software that we use for measuring the quantities by point and click method includes Planswift, Bluebeam, etc, and the quantities are imported to EXCEL spreadsheets organized by MasterFormat. We follow CSI codes for items mentioned in the drawings.

Our masonry estimating spreadsheet comprises of the breakdown of the following quantities:

    • All masonry units used for the construction of the foundation wall. It includes concrete masonry units, bricks, CMU blocks, acoustic blocks, glass units, clay bricks, clay tiles, brick tiles, stones, marble, limestone, terra cotta, precast masonry panels rubble, and their different forms eg, corner units, pilaster units, bond beams, lintel blocks, knockouts, stirrups, sill block, angle block, square pilasters, headers, halves, half high, etc.
    • Deductions for openings i.e. doors, windows, ventilation are considered.
    • The number of facing bricks and masonry veneer, stone veneer, brick veneer if required.
    • Masonry units involved in different categories i.e facings, backings to facings, walls and partitions, furring to walls, fire protection are mentioned distinctly.
    • The amount of mortar required, which depends on whether it is pre-bagged or site batching, mortar proportions, site conditions, etc. it also depends on the type of mortar, ie masonry cement mortar, pre-blended mortar, or portland cement lime mortar.
    • The amount of grout required, which depends on the density of the concrete block used. Wastages are also covered.
    • Masonry reinforcement if required.
    • Scaffolding if required.
    • Other miscellaneous items i.e. anchor bolts, sleeves, brackets, brick ties, etc.
    • Masonry insulation, masonry flashing, and weep holes if required.
    • Material, equipment, and labor costs are applied using RSMeans and our construction cost database for zip code based prices.
    • Estimation of the man-hours and labor costs involved in various tasks and various other costs like transportation, taxes, permits, and costs for restoration & cleaning if required. etc.
    • Contingency funds are also taken into account which includes unforeseen costs, inflation, etc.

    A final audit is performed by the senior estimator to ensure the quality of the deliverables.


Our estimators have diversified past experience of working with general contractors and subcontractors companies and follow the strict policies of AACE and AIQS. Our team comprises professional construction cost estimators who are trade specialists, including site work, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical, and a lead estimator who covers all the aspects of the project. We serve in all CSI divisions:

Today, the construction industry is highly competing and you are bidding on small profit margins, only precise and detailed estimates can give you an edge over your competition. Accuracy is the main challenge in preparing a masonry estimate on your own, making it complicated and time-consuming. For the accurate masonry works estimate, detailed knowledge of masonry units, mortar, grout, reinforcements, man-hours, labor costs, transportation costs, and various other quantities and proficiency in software and tools is necessary. Buying expensive software and hiring a full-time estimator takes a lot out of your budget in terms of monthly salary, bonuses, benefits, etc. Therefore outsourcing your estimates to a professional estimating company like First Bidding benefits you in the following way: