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First Estimator LLC is a pre-construction bid-assistance firm which specialize in quantity take-offs and construction estimating services. We the First Estimators are around you helping you to get your estimating worries solved.

First Estimators first priority is to satisfy and provide best estimated solution to its customers by involving and taking consent of all the stakeholders including general contractor, sub-contractors and material supplier.

We are here to make sure to become your trusted estimators and your business gets better exposition. So without any hassle, you can submit your bids at first estimator and get a quick quote.

First Estimator’s Quantity Takeoff & Estimation Ways & Means

Accurate and affordable estimates and quantity takeoff are the key when you run a business, you’re likely wearing a lot of hats but at the same time Jack of all, master of none so we are the First Estimators to nurture your business by giving accurate estimates and quantity take off to the items.

We the First Estimators are working with constructors, owners, suppliers, architects and developers and providing them the following below mentioned services according to their needs and wants.

  • Commercial projects
  • Residential projects
  • Public projects

The ways and means first estimator follow to perk up your desired business are;

  • By Hand
  • Or by getting Hard Bids
  • And by using digital takeoff software

First Estimator Quantity Takeoff

The first step of every estimate is to perform the takeoff which measures all the quantities and then the cost estimation to those items. To get the right estimate first determine the accurate, complete and documented quantity for the project by taking the consent of involved multiple stakeholders.

Trades we Cover

1: Demolition

2: Concrete

3: Drywall

4: Plumbing

5: Roofing

6: Earthwork

7: Site Work

First Estimator  Cost Estimation

After taking the quantity takeoff the second step to proceed is to get ready for the cost estimates by taking into account labor and material costs associated to esteemed organization and then syndicate those with resource management and productivities.

Why To Hire First Estimators ?

We add value to your estimates by avoiding the common estimating mistakes like missed takeoffs on the drawings, missing documents, duplication of items, incorrect material prices, measurement errors and last minute changes.

Moreover, failure to highlight items as they are taken off, failure to visit the site, failure to understand the buildings construction, failure to get your material counts early to suppliers, failure to set material and labor units the same.

  • First Estimator want to become your trusted estimators !
  • Get your estimated worries solved by hiring us !
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Trusted Partners

We have professional Partners to maintain the building construction material in the range of the customers

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